Information Security

Information Security

We turn ourselves into a potential hacker profile to point out all possibilities and loopholes in the present security systems.

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What do we offer?

Today's data security shares importance as much as the data itself. The following are a few of the many Information Security Services provided at SBA.

  1. Penetration Testing Services A penetration test identifies organizational weaknesses the same way an attacker would — by hacking it. This enables organizations to better understand and ultimately minimize the risk associated with IT assets.
  2. Application Security Testing Services With our rich experience at Application Security We would be able to guide developers to provide a security guideline, enabling you to prevent exposure at the source: within your source code.
  3. Network Security Services We help you to Obtain an accurate understanding of your security and risk posture while ensuring compliance with industry regulators and information security best practices.
  4. Cloud Security Services At SBA our Services designed to help protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and data in your organization's growing cloud environments

Consultancy Services

With a legacy of 2 decades of rich and varied industrial experience in System Integration & Managed Services projects, SBA offers professional competency in the following areas,

  • Network, DC - Planning & Designing
  • Security Audit & Compliance
  • Virtualization & Consolidation Services
  • Asset Management
  • BC & DR - Solution Sizing, DR Drills

What are the DataCenter best practices we follow at SBA?

  1. We are focused on "operating your data center" secondly followed by designing it. We do not give sole responsibility for the liabilities that might arise from and end-to-end data center design exercise as we are equipped with expert teams for individual tasks.
  2. Our designs are detailed designs rather than just being conceptual.
  3. Our data center designs are periodically audited and approved.
  4. When it comes to selecting the requirements for our design we think out of the box by selecting technologies striking a balance between good solutions with enhanced features, better prices, and higher flexibility.
  5. We ensure the operability and availability of your data center by Developing complete quantified specifications for every component that goes into your data center.
  6. Our professional project managers can take your project for point A and deliver it at point B with efficiency, effectiveness while meeting all necessary deadlines and avoiding redundant costs.
  7. We perform full testing and commissioning of your facilities before handover and taking the site live.
  8. Our build plan has a series of checkpoints to ensure that the actual buildup matches the design parameters and targeted tier at any given point of time.
  9. Our data center team is trained and certified. The datacenter is a science, it’s an emerging industry by itself and demands skills and knowledge.
  10. Maintenance is what we emphasis more on as we know that the higher the tier the more sophisticated and presice the maintenance and operational processes would be. Hence we plan for an effective maintenance after go live.

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