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Higher Processing Capability

Our solutions are the effective way to deliver the requirements to run computational work using cloud services as with the cloud, we can provide the compute that’s optimum to do the work that’s requested and have that compute for exactly as long as the jobs are required.

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High Performance Computing

In today's world where data is the new oil, high-performance computing (HPC) is emerging as the go-to technology for enterprises looking to mark their presence deep into areas as diverse as genomics, financial risk modeling, computational chemistry, and seismic imaging. Though this kind of enormous computational power was looked upon only by research scientists who needed to perform complex mathematical calculations, HPC is now gaining the attention and popularity among a wider number of enterprises spanning a wide gamut of fields.

How HPC helps your business?

High-performance computing enables very high processing capability by integrating multiple general-purpose Compute Servers to form a single large cluster, with High performance interconnects such as 100G Ethernet or InfiniBand, Message Passing Interfaces to ensure application threads are effectively run on multiple systems to provide a hundred, if not thousands, of Teraflops of compute power. Combined with Load schedulers and High-performance parallel filesystems, SBA provides the ecosystem that is required to setup a complete HPC Environment ideally suited for Mid and Large enterprises.

With the advent of public cloud services, for organizations that embrace these services, we are providing innovative solutions to enterprises looking to gain HPC access without breaking their IT budgets. We work very closely with public cloud services such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Cloud.

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