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Managed Security Services

Fear of unknown hacker concern about business data being jeopardized?

Protect digital assets 24/7 with superior monitoring & managed security services!

In today’s reality, data security is a key concern for every organization as threats can damage the business reliability. It increases the need for mitigation solutions that not only protects IT environment but also facilitates secure data transfer.

SBA Info Solutions offer comprehensive managed security services to protect every digital asset from voluntary or involuntary leakage, unauthorized modification, or deletion. Our services address compliance & statutory requirements and help you sail through regulatory audits. We support the growing technology/security needs of following industries such as BFSI, Manufacturing, IT Infra, Institutions, etc.

Managed Security Services with Advanced Threat Intelligence & Network Protection Services

With our domain & technology expertise, SBA experts design security strategies that consist of multiple layers of protection which span your data, network, endpoints, vulnerability assessment & management, monitoring, and analysis.


Simplify authentication and authorization processes with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) by centralizing the user management and providing access to SaaS solutions.

MFA Managed Security Service
Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Protects applications by using a second source of validation (SMS/Email OTP, soft tokens, smart cards, biometric factors) to verify identity before granting access to users.

endpoit managed security
Log Analyser

Actively monitor, identify and respond to cyber threats with a log analyzer to reduce the frequency and severity of cyber-attacks and make faster security decisions.

 mobile security
Mobile Security

Mobile Device Management (MDM) gain visibility and control over all mobile devices across your organizations and ensure they comply with specific IT policies & configuration requirements to protect from advanced mobile malware.

malware security service
Malware Defense

Protects from APT attacks, viruses, trojans and blacklisted sites through constant gateways. Proactively detect & respond to endpoint threats round-the-clock.

Risk managed security
Risk Mitigation & Compliance

Overview of security posture of all assets, endpoints (PCs, portable devices, and servers), networks, logs, and vulnerabilities in real-time using 24/7 threat monitoring & protection services.

managed security consulting
Security Consulting

We perform audits & security posture analysis to identify the state of security of critical assets and implement right defense systems to address the need.

Why SBA Info Solutions?

  • Streamlined security management processes & compliant with regulatory needs
  • Proactive approach-based security for managing multiple types of security incidents
  • Expertise in end-to-end threat and vulnerability management
  • Best practices, more sophisticated & precise maintenance, and operational processes
  • Trained and certified experts in most in-demand IT skills